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Magnetised Water and Oils

Posted on April 10, 2012 at 3:23 AM
A question from James

Can I magnetise my Jojoba oil?

Dear James
Thank you for your inquiry. I do magnetise my oils and creams.  After a lot of research many companies are now beginning to sell ‘energised’ products. Indeed one really expensive company sells a face cream for £120 which has a minute magnet in the top of the jar and as the cream passes the top ‘ whoops’ it’s magnetised.
That is a bit of a leap for me. The easiest way is to have a Magnetic Coaster in the house and simply place your products on it for 20 minutes. The water / cream / oil will then be magnetised. What we find and you can see is that once magnetise the product will become slightly more fluid and more easily absorbed by the cells. I am told by long distance runners that they stay hydrated longer when using magnetised water/energy drinks, and gardeners tell me their plants and vegetables benefit. They see the difference in one Grow Bag using natural water as against the second Grow Bag using magnetised.
So by all means – magnetise your Jojoba oil, baby oil, massage oil and most importantly your drinking water.
I keep a coaster in my bathroom and one in my kitchen, but at least keep one somewhere.
Once magnetised the product will stay magnetised indefinitely, but I give my creams a ‘boost’ once a month.
**  2 places on earth with higher magnetic contents in the environment and their water? -  Sedona, Arizona in the USA and Lourdes in France!!
Hope that helps,
Take care

Categories: magnet therapy, magnetising your water and oils

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