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Hair Loss

Posted on March 8, 2016 at 5:20 PM

Magnet Therapy And Hair Loss.

Magnets can play a part in stemming the rate of hair loss, but once the hair follicle is completely dead it is unlikely that we can re-stimulate the cells. We have had some success in that respect but the real benefit is in stimulating growth and hair condition in 'live' follicles, and delaying the rate and speed of natural hair loss. When increasing oxygen flow to the sight we expect to see signs of healthier hair within weeks.    
Increased oxygen to the head can be achieved quickly by using a magnetic pillow pad at night (an 8 hour treatment) which also benefits skin and dark shadows under the eyes; or by wearing magnetic innersoles in shoes which generally boosts circulation around the whole body with the extra benefit of increased energy. A slower method would be the everyday use of a  good quality magnetic bracelet but this would not be first choice if your main concern is hair loss.
I hope this information is useful to you.


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